I swear i need to start reading more english novels and listen to more jazzy songs. You see i have this boring life where all that i do after school is to sleep and eat and by the time i wake up at 8, the tv would be calling me.So malek gave me this excellent plan to occupy this boring life of mine GO LIBRARY!!!!! It did occur to me that it has been month since i last went to the library to study and i mean really study.Maybe i should start going ehy. Ohwells, we'll see ok syaz If only english phrases and words were as easy as memorising lyrics. Somehow or rather i feel really dumb around my work friends. I feel the need to memorise the whole of the oxford dictionary and also the vocab book in order to spit out bombastic words to them. Well school did mention that one way to improve on your english is to read other ppl's blog. Well school, u would have to think again. Now i have this urge to study maths until my brain cannot tahan anymore and and nobody noes about the reopening of my blog oh boy